Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Big News for Our Little Family


I'm not really sure how to start this whole thing except to just come out and say it...
Blake, Samantha, Easton, and I are moving to Melbourne, Australia!!!

Yes, we are moving to the other side of the world!
(Shouting in both excited and terrified tones here since you can't actually hear me screaming.)

This has happened very quickly, all within the time period of a few weeks, finalizing within the last couple of days. 

Here is what we know so far and what we have been asked most commonly:
  1.  Blake has accepted an amazing job assignment that requires him to work within the Australian office of his current company. (He isn't changing companies, just jobs within his company.)
  2. Blake's start date is set for mid-February. He will be in Australia then, and the kids and I are going to try to join him at that point in time or as soon as we can once we make sure that everything here is situated and settled.
  3. We haven't decided whether or not we are going to sell our house. We should be making a decision as soon as we possibly can. 
  4. More importantly, we haven't decided whether or not we are going to sell the Jeep. Ahhhh! (Terror-filled screaming with this one.)
  5. The vet has cleared Whiskey and the cat to come along with us on the trip. They are going to just love the three hour flight to LA and the 13.5 hour flight to Melbourne, not to mention the four hour layover in between flights.
  6. Maysee will be living the life of luxury and refinement with MawMaw and PawPaw because she is a senile old lady who has a heart attack when we put her in a car, much less on an airplane. I am going to cry for her when we leave and while we are away, but I will give her more love than she knows when I am home visiting and when we come back in a couple of years.
  7. The amount of time that we will be in Australia should be between two and three years, but a specified return date won't be determined until farther down the road.
  8. We are very aware of all of the dangerous animals/insects that reside in Australia. If we don't recognize it, we won't approach it/touch it/swim next to it/make it a pet. Promise!
  9. We have discussed this with the people we love the most, and they are all being amazingly supportive and excited in the midst of this crazy turn of events.
We are so, so excited to take this leap, but we know that this is right for our family.
This is right for our right now, and it is right for our future.

I can't wait to share with all of you our adventure as it unfolds!...
Now, back to trying to decipher Australian lingo. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Typical Morning in the Life of a Mom with Two Three-Year-Olds (Non-Preschool Day Version)

5:58AM- Someone coughs and I can hear feet shuffling across the floor upstairs. I am momentarily certain that if I am really, really still they won't be able to find me in my bed.
 (Remain ridiculously still for a few minutes, with or without breathing, until I am brave enough to peek at the door. Two sets of eyes stare at me inches away from my face.)

6:01AM- Samantha immediately begins asking where the cat is.
(She asks no less than three times in a ten second time span.)
Easton begins to beg for breakfast.
(No shocker that he once again wants Halloween candy, and he cries when I tell him that he can't have candy for breakfast.)

6:02AM- I get out of bed, trip over a dog, and walk/run to the coffee maker to switch it on.

6:03AM- Ask Easton if he would like waffles (the frozen kind), pancakes (the frozen kind), or cereal (the non-organic, not healthy kind). He proclaims that he knows what he wants for breakfast... That's right, Halloween candy.

6:04AM- Turn on lights (it is still pitch black outside at this point in the day, for those of you without children), let dogs outside, unload dishwasher, kick randomly scattered shoes towards the door, pull toaster out of pantry, refill water for dogs, turn on the television to the news, and shuffle Easton and Samantha to the kitchen table with bribery of candy, aka gummy vitamin. 

6:12AM- Proceed with the following active monologue:
Me: "Eat your breakfast, Easton. Samantha, put the cat down and get back in your chair."
Me: "You're fine. Eat your breakfast."
Me: "If you don't eat your breakfast, I'm going to take away all your toys."
Me: "If you don't put the cat down, I'm going to put her in my room"
Me: "If you don't... Wait, did I let the dogs in?"

6:13AM- Let in the dogs, who are shivering because they have been outside for approximately nine minutes and it isn't 70 degrees outside.

6:14AM- Wipe the mud up off the floor where the dogs tracked in.
(It hasn't rained in a week, but they made a point to find the only mildly wet spot in the yard.)

6:15AM- Sort the mail. Check the calendar. Panic that it is a school day and I've mixed up my days... again. Realize that it isn't a school day. Take a sip of coffee to realize it is already cold. Ban the cat to the bedroom so Samantha will eat breakfast. Clean up still full breakfast plates because no one will eat anything.

6:16AM- Proceed with the following conversation:
Me: "Let's go use the potty!"
Samantha and Easton in unison: "We don't need to go!"   
Reason with them that after ten hours of sleep they surely need to go to the restroom, only to realize that trying to reason with three-year-olds simply isn't reasonable.

6:17AM- Glance at the clock to see if it is still too early to call my mother-in-law to see if she wants to spend some "quality time" with the twins this weekend... Turn just in time to almost step on the cat who is being aggressively pursued by Samantha and see that Easton is pulling the Halloween candy out of the pantry.  Perfect time to call MawMaw!

Good morning, everyone!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Traveling with the Twins

Here we go...
Here we go?

On Sunday, Samantha, Easton, and I are going to embark on a little road trip by ourselves.
(...and Aunt Kelsey for a leg of it.)

We will start off on Sunday, heading to Blake's mom and dad's house to drop off the dogs with PawPaw. We'll make a sharp turn right to head to Blake's sister, brother-in-law, and Lincoln's house to spend a quick night and have a quick visit before waking up to head to Oklahoma on Monday morning.

We'll spend Monday and Monday night with my brother, sister-in-law, and Baby Benjamin until we leave for Hardy, Arkansas on Tuesday morning with poor Aunt Kelsey in tow.

I'm sure Kelsey is super excited.
Who wouldn't be?!
She can't back out now.
You hear that, Kelsey!! You're coming, woman!

We'll drive the seven hours through eastern Oklahoma and the Ozark mountains before we reach my grandmother's house where we'll stay for Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. 

At that point, we'll jump back into the truck, retrace the route we took a few days prior, and arrive back in Oklahoma on Friday just in time for everyone to come in town for Baby Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Extravaganza! 

We'll celebrate Benjamin's birthday with the traditional cake, ice cream, bounce house, Mexican food, Toy Story theme on Saturday before we head back home on Sunday. 

Are you getting tired just thinking about it?
I'm getting tired thinking about packing alone, much less the entire week-long trip.

Oh, and "Where is Blake?" you ask?

He says he'll be bringing in the cheese, working late and such, but I'm going to guess that he'll be doing a bit of the following:
  1. Rolling in the crisp white sheets of sleeping in a bed alone without the baby monitors turned on
  2. Eating Taco Bell every night for dinner
  3. Watching horrible man television like "Banshee" and crap like that
  4. Forgetting to put the toilet seat down
  5. Walking around the house naked (Neighbors, consider this a warning!)
  6. Leaving his dirty clothes piled up on the floor next to the foot of the bed
  7. Snuggling with the cat since no one is around witness
I would keep going, but I was beginning to realize that the more things I thought of the less you'd like to hear about them.

So, to recap... The kids (the two recently started using the potty and aren't currently wearing diapers during the day three-year-old twins) and I are heading out for a week-long trip... Alone.

Pray for us...
Pray for us?