Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Keys


I hummed a song in my head throughout the day. 

I made decision today while I drove from one side of the city to the next. I always do most of my thinking while I'm in the car, and some of my best decisions have been made while I drive amidst a sea of vehicles. 

When a friend gives a gift to another friend, a gift of meaning, what happens to that token when the friends aren't friends any longer? Should the gift be returned to the original owner? Or, should the current owner keep the gift? 

As I was driving, I came to the terms that I would keep the gift. I would take the precious reminder of my past, I would keep it in a safe place until one rainy day when I happened to pass over it. At that point in time, I will pause to remember how much it meant to have my friend entrust in me something so precious to them. 

Hmmm... After a few hours, I am still pleased with my decision. 

Good job, me.