Friday, October 23, 2009


Blake and I spent today running errands. 

We went to the bank and washed the truck in the morning; we spent the afternoon in a student conference room at Rice University. Blake worked on his school assignments while I willed away the afternoon thinking only happy thoughts. 

How to end a perfectly peaceful fall day? By shopping for pumpkins, of course. Only one week until Halloween...

Blake and I made our way to our favorite pumpkin patch, located on the lawn of a beautiful church within the heart of the city. The pumpkins lined the circular drive, and we pulled in along with countless other families to choose from the limitless amounts of orange, green, and white gourds. As we mingled with the crowds of people, we got lost in the rows of pumpkins. Parents took dozens of pictures, children rushed to find that one, special pumpkin, and Blake and I smiled at each other with the quiet secret of knowing that one day we will be those parents taking pictures.

What a blissful day...