Saturday, January 16, 2010

Definition of a Lucky Man

I had someone tell me yesterday that you sometimes must look in the rear view mirror to see how far you have actually come.  Of course, he was speaking about optimization and efficiencies within an oil and gas operational environment, but it can be applied to all aspects of life.

It feels like yesterday that I was 17 and trying to impress a girl with my car.  I had the best friend any person could ever ask for, and a family that through all challenges managed to make each other smile day in and day out.  My daily concerns revolved around basketball games, movies, part time summer jobs, and a small town high school.

Over the last 7-8 years my life has changed drastically.  What I do, where I live, what I look like (some say for the better, but I question it), and to a point who I am.

In all of those changes the one thing I realize is that the important things in life must be preserved and cherished.  And to do that is not easy.  People will disappoint you, stress increases, things change and life can get harder.  I have definitely changed from who I used to be so many years ago.  I let things get to me that used to roll off my shoulders, I curse more than I should, and I get so busy with my own life that I constantly prove to be a non-observant selfish ass........seriously.

But as I sit here writing this (which I rarely do), I realize something very important.  That 17 year old girl became an amazing wife, one I do not deserve.  Anyone who knows her is impressed and they should be.  This woman could have had any man she wanted (especially after she cooked them chicken crescent rolls), but for some odd reason she chose me.  That best friend in the world still holds to his definition, regardless of the distance between us. And through so many ups and downs, my family means more to me now than I can ever remember, including my brother and sister in-laws.  For some reason, the important people in my life have stepped up to another level when at times I have not.  The reason that I am where I am today is not because of me, but because of all of the people in my life and the grace of God.  And for this reason, I am the definition of a lucky man.

So I agree with the quote at the beginning of this passage.  However, I believe you need to look in the rear view mirror not only to see how far you have come, but also to remember why it is you are where you are.

For this reason, I will remember to work on not being such a non-observant selfish ass...........and the cursing.


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