Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The other day a friend and I were sitting in the car, driving along a skinny, country highway when we passed a cow.

I know what you are thinking...

Wow. A cow. Awesome.

But this wasn't any cow. It was a dead cow. It was obvious that this thing had been dead for a day or two and was just lying there in plain view of everyone who happened by. My friend, who is an animal lover, was suddenly distraught.

Friend: "Was that cow dead?"
Me: "Yes."
Friend: "What are they going to do with it?"
Me: "Do you want a honest answer or a nice answer?"
Friend: "Ummm..."
Me: "I don't want you to stress over it, so here. They are going to dig a big hole and bury the cow. Then the farmer will put a little tombstone up and say a little prayer."

Our conversation took a sharp turn when after a few minutes my friend asked, "Why do bad things happen?"

I started thinking about her asking this. It caught me slightly because I've had people ask me that question before, but it has always been one of the kids in class or in one case my little sister. I've always answered simply to satisfy my innocent and curious student. I had never had an adult who has experienced real tragedy, true fear ask me this.

You see, my friend wasn't simply referring to the cow. While blessed, she still has experienced obstacles that many people her age are lucky to surpass.  

Regardless, more than likely you have had this thought run through your mind.

"Why do bad things happen? To me? To someone I love? At all?"

Do you have an answer? Do you know? Would you be prepared to answer this for yourself or for someone who asks you?

This is my answer:

I believe that there are two main reasons why bad things happen.
1. The most obvious to me is that bad things happen because without the bad, the good wouldn't be good. We would take advantage of all the blessings that we have in our lives. We wouldn't realize that the good is something that we should be thankful for.
2. We were placed on the Earth for a limited amount of time. Our time here is to accomplish things that may be beyond our understanding, but one of the reasons we are here is to use our freewill to make a choice.
Are you going to give your life to God with a complete trust in His plan? 
Or are you going to choose to live your life without Him? 
This choice isn't easy. It is made difficult because we are immediate witnesses to the evil in this world. But as a Christian, we push past this and reach out to the very people who try to bring us down. Without the bad our job as a Christian would be easy, and the ultimate reward for the work we do wouldn't be so rewarding.

Bad things will inevitably happen to everyone, and everyone has the ability to make a choice. Will you take the bad and push through it to accomplish your goals as a person and a Christian? Or will you allow yourself to drown in the sorrows that surround you?

Be prepared for what bad things will place in front of you: A choice.


  1. A wonderful answer to a hard question and I agree with it completely.

  2. I totally 100% agree with your answer.

    And how weird and jarring to see a dead cow. That would weird me out.

    You live in Houston and are a Christian? How did I not be blog friends with you a long time ago? I am actually planning a Houston Blogger's Meetup in May and would LOVE if you could come!

    The cafe you asked about is Tiny Boxwoods. It's sooo cute! I love it. It's on Alabama and Saint Street. It's absolutely darling. I have never heard of "The Hobbit Cafe", but now I am anxious to try!


  4. And yes I am the friend.................