Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diapers, Socks, Wipes, and Cake

I'm back!
I know, I know. It's been way too long. 

For me, this past week was a whirlwind filled with diapers, mismatched socks, Lysol wipes, and lots of cake.
Lots and lots of cake.

Did I mention there was cake?

I spent the week with my in-laws celebrating and preparing for the soon-to-be birth of Nephew.

The week began with a baby shower.
Thrown by yours truly and two other fabulous girls.
It was pretty amazing; not that I'm biased by any means.


What do you need to throw an amazing, incredible, fabulous, and fun baby shower?

Cake (Check)                                                                  Gifts (Check)
Decorations (Check)                                                              Favors (Check)

I think Mom-to-Be had a great time...

...because what Mom-to-Be wants, Mom-to-Be gets!

After the fabulous baby shower (and lots of cake), the rest of the week was filled with preparing Mom-to-Be's home for the arrival of Nephew.

This may or may not have entailed organizing the pantry and kitchen cabinets, washing six (yes, I said SIX) loads of 0-3 months clothes, cleaning out the garage, sweeping off the patio, rearranging and switching out clothes in Mom and Dad-to-Be's closet, and a few trips to various stores in hopes of filling in the gaps on registry lists and organizational needs.

I am glad to be home. I think I was missed.
When I got home a certain husband, named Blake, tended to the yard work.
He even laid new mulch.
Shhh... If you say too much or act too excited, you might scare this new, chore-doing man away.

Now I must prepare for the upcoming week: Week 'O Kelsey
(More to come on that later.)

Is anyone else craving a piece of cake?

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