Friday, July 2, 2010

London: Day 2

... Day 2: Full Day in London ...

Blake and I woke up early... 
Eating Pop Tarts that I had packed for the plane ride... 
Showering in the most amazing shower ever (There was a TV in that sucker!)... 

Before we practically skipped out the front door of the hotel to begin our first full day, not to mention our first fully awake day, in London.

The air was cool and sharp with the threat of showers, but we happily crossed over the Thames, patting ourselves on the back for remembering to pack coats and scarves. 
Off to the first item on our list of sites.

The London Eye

It was so much larger in person. Once we skidded to a stop underneath the mammoth machine, Blake began to worry about his intense, knee-buckling slight fear of heights. 
You definitely couldn't tell that he was frightened.
I mean, look at that unintimidated face.
(Blake's "face o' concern" was a reoccurring event through our travels. 
Who knew?)


We had a spectacular view of our hotel and of Big Ben and Parliament. 

After purchasing the most-wonderfully, touristy souvenir from the London Eye, we dropped it off at the hotel before venturing out further from the hotel. 

[Elevator mirrors present the best opportunities for photo opts.]


After our quick stop, we returned to the streets of London.

*Side-note: All poorly taken pictures were taken by Blake... Just so ya know.

[We were relieved that there were reminders on the streets.]

Our first stop was the very oldest-style tavern to be see in the "domestic tradition". 
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub
It's located on Fleet Street, as in Sweeney Todd's Fleet Street.
Cool, huh? 

... it wasn't open yet.
So, we stopped for some traditional English coffee at this sweet, little local shop.
Or not. 
I could be lying.

(Well, the beer was tasty, but the fish still had bones in it. 
We neglected to know this until it was too late.)

After lunch we headed down the street to St. Paul's Cathedral.
It was breathtaking!

We climbed up the narrow, narrow stairs to three different viewing levels. 
(Did I mention the stairs were narrow?)
The first level that we came to is the Whispering Gallery inside the dome of the cathedral.
It was located inside, and is shaped in a manner where if you are sitting on one side you can hear someone whispering on the other end.
We heard several interesting conversations while catching our breath before heading up another 400+ stairs to the next levels.

[This is a picture of the inside of the dome that I took while sitting in the Whispering Gallery.
It is a huge "no, no" to take pictures in the cathedral, but I couldn't help myself.
Plus, I had Blake there to distract the guard by asking mundane questions.]

[These pictures were taken on the next two levels. The first on the lower of the two, the second on the highest level]

The following two levels were outside, must to the distaste of the hubs.

[This was a little window halfway up the stairs that looks directly down into the cathedral - straight to the floor. 
Obviously, this didn't make Blake feel queasy at all, and he didn't yell at me when I hovered over the hole to take a picture.]

[Had to beg him to quit grasping the railing to take this picture]

[Streets of London]

That evening, after Blake and I returned to the hotel, we changed clothes and headed to London's West End to see a play.
We saw "Wicked", and it was amazing...
... Although, it would have been much better if the producers had included Toto.

I have one they can borrow.
But only if I can come with her, and we can stay at the Royal HorseGuards Hotel.

Just a thought.

To Be Continued...  

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