Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Greece: Day 2

I should be sleeping.
It is 6:49AM, and I am up.
Wide awake.
I should be sleeping.
I start back to work on Monday, and I'm pretty sure the early hours aren't going to come as easily as it has over the past few days.

I have a few hundred things running through my mind.
Lists of all sorts:
Things to be done to finish setting up the classroom
Lesson plans to plan for the first few weeks of school
Chores to complete at home

They won't all get done, and that's the beauty of it all.
It will work out regardless.
I have faith that it will all be fine in the end.

... Day 2 of Greece ...

Our first full day in Greece started early. 
I couldn't sleep then either.

Each summer my family takes a trip to the beach, where my mom always rises before everyone else.
My brother, sister, and I would always wake knowing that she'd already be on the beach claiming her perfect spot in the sand.
It was key to claim that perfect location.

I was determined to have a perfect spot here in Greece.

[Good morning, Santorini!]

[Our views that we woke up to. 
It may or may not have been a consistent event throughout our trip to sleep with the drapes pulled as far back as possible.]

Up and dressed in our bathing suits, Blake and I climbed the stairs from our room, hoping to rush through breakfast and stake our chair for the day with our towels, books, sunscreen, and sunglasses. 

Craning our necks over the pool to where a row of chairs stretched to welcome those wanting a view during breakfast, Blake and I scoped out our territory. 
It was 8:00AM.
No one was awake.
Where is everyone?!?

Apparently, I was a little overzealous. 
Regardless, the staff was setting out the gorgeous buffet and was all too happy to have us sit and relax, bringing us tea, eggs with a Greek twist, and (my favorite) sparkling Greek wine.

The evening before, our waiter for our private meal was appalled that in America the waiter/waitress will bring you your check while you are still eating.
"In Greece, a meal should be an event... Lasting 3, 4, sometimes 10 hours!"
This same waiter was determined on this morning to create a perfect atmosphere for a leisurely breakfast.
On several occasions, I would rise to claim my chaise lounger to relax on, but he would wave his hand and tell me to "Sit. I was just coming to refill your wine."

Have I mentioned that Blake and I are considering moving to Santorini?
To live?
At this resort?
'Cause we might.

Eventually, Blake and I did make it to the lounger and spent the morning and afternoon, with our arms and legs stretched, our sunglasses hiding our short naps, and our wine glasses continually being refilled by sweet Phillippe.
Good Lord, Phillippe.
He reminded me of that character that Brad Pitt plays. 
You know, the Trojan movie where Brad has long hair and tan skin and wears see-thru, white linens.
Wait. That was just Phillippe wearing the linens?
Oh, well it was lovely.

[But, then again, so was this guy.]

Kristin and Brandon were smart.
They stayed in bed later.
But, did they get 12 refills on their sparkling wine?
I'm not sure.
I wasn't able to keeping count.
"Phillippe?" *Clap, clap* "More wine!"

That evening, after showering and taking another crazy taxi ride, we all headed into the most infamous town on the island for shopping and dinner with a view.

[Oia is best known for its' charming roads and shops. 
It is magical and pretty much what I imagine when I used to picture Greece in my head with its' white churches with blue domes and cobblestone paths.] 

[We stopped in several shops to pick up gifts for our families. 
This shop was full of wooden carvings. I picked up this cross for my little sister. It is painted on the front, and the shop owner was kind enough to carve a quick reminder as to where this gift was from.]

[Blake and I stopped in this art shop where a local photographer showcased his pieces. We enjoyed them so much we brought one home.]

Our resort had kindly called ahead to a restaurant that had a perfect, earth-shaking view of the sunset.
We climbed up and down the sides of the cliffs of Santorini.
We never found the restaurant.  

So, we settled on the first restaurant that we came across with seating available.

[People were camped out everywhere, in every nook and cranny, to watch a famous Greek sunset.]

[Blake and I have seen some of the most famous sunrises and sunsets. 
How can there not be something more powerful out there who creates such masterpieces?]

It was an amazing day, ending with an amazing close.

[Good night, Greece.]

To Be Continued...

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