Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Bubble Gum Ice Cream

I might have a teeny, tiny obsession with Baskin Robbin's pink bubble gum ice cream...
Really, it's pretty small.
Okay. Who am I kidding?
I'm completely, utterly, and entirely obsessed.

When Blake and I first moved to Houston, we would go to Baskin Robbins every night to help soothe my homesickness. 
I would always order a scoop of pink bubble gum ice cream on a cone.

After a few months of doing this, our tradition slowly faded. 
(I'm pretty sure it had something to do with money, time, and other adult-related things.)
But, I soon regretted my fading relationship with pink bubble gum ice cream because Baskin Robbins discontinued the flavor, announcing that stores would no longer carry it regularly.

Alas, my heart was broken.
Until ...
... Last week I was watching TV when a commercial came on advertising Baskin Robbin's Flavor of the Month ...
[Insert drumroll]


I know! 
I was beyond thrilled and proceeded to share the glorious news with anyone and everyone who would listen.
I pulled Blake into the car and demanded pink bubble gum ice cream.

A scoop on a cone and a half gallon of reserves later, I was satisfied.
Until ...
... The next evening after dinner I asked for a little pink bubble gum ice cream.
It was delicious, perfect, and everything a girl could possibly want.
... I bit down on a frozen piece of bubble gum and chipped a tooth.
... I'm taking my final day off to go to the dentist to get my stupid tooth glued back together.

You just can't count on anything can you?

P.S. I still love you, pink bubble gum ice cream.


  1. You chipped your tooth over icecream? Lol, wow! I have never tried this flavor, and only had my first Baskin & Robins experience last month actually!

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  2. Hah! Now that's love... A chipped tooth, and you're still devoted. ;)