Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Little Laughers

Samantha and Easton are getting bigger with each passing day.
I can't get over each accomplishment that they've reached, and I'm watching with much anticipation for the upcoming ones that I know are only right around the corner.

I know that at any moment...
... one of them will reach out to me as I bend to pick them up.
... they will sit up proud and straight without any support from me or the couch cushions.
... they will spit out a word or grab at a toy.

They've already begun to chew on anything that happens into their grasp, including my hair.
Pacifiers are making surprising flights across the living room without any notice.
Bouncing chairs have lost their appeal, and demands are constantly being made to interrupt boring pauses throughout the day.
Oh, and one more special milestone...
Laughter is filling our small apartment.

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