Monday, June 23, 2014

Seven Years

A long time ago, there was a boy and a girl.
They were just kids.
They really knew nothing about the world, about life, about love.
Honestly, they knew very little.
However, at seventeen years old, this boy and girl knew one thing:

 They needed each other. 

It was real and unexplainable.

It was intense and unavoidable.

At first shallow, the need grew... 
evolving into something deeper, wider,
expansive and uncontrollable.

Life is hard. Beating you up with every opportunity. 
Cruel and suffocating.
People will disappoint you. 

Because I have Blake by my side does not mean that life is any less brutal. 
My world does not spin in a pink glow of ease and blissful comfort.


It is nice to have him around.
It is significantly less overwhelming to know that I am not taking on this world by myself.

We are taking on this life together.

We aren't seventeen years old any longer.
We still know too little about the world, about life, about love.
But we do know one thing...

After all these years, we still need each other.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful!!!! A+ writing from the soul!!!