Monday, July 7, 2014

Oh, the joys...

Here are a couple tidbits of the happenings within our lives with kids...

The Story about the Apples in Samantha's Nose

This past weekend during a fairly low-key lunch Samantha announced that she had apples up her nose.
Umm... Okay? 
We still aren't sure how she could have possibly gotten apples in her nose without her willingly putting them in there (why?), but she sure did have apples in her nose.
Again, why?!
After a few blow-your-nose attempts and careful removal with squeezing and such, most of the apples had successfully left the tight quarters that they are previously been packed into.
Wait, though, it gets worse...
Samantha began sneezing, her body's natural defense of ridding itself of foreign objects. After her fourth sneeze, the remaining apple flew out...      
...onto Blake's shirt. 
Samantha promptly popped the piece of apple into her mouth.
How am I supposed to move on with my life after this, acting as though everything is normal?

Easton Hurts His Toe

Easton is pretty clumsy. On Saturday morning he heads outside without shoes on only to come back inside with a skinned knee and half of his toenail missing on his second toe on his left foot. 
After a fairly dramatic period of time, he calms down. When I ask if he'd like a band-aide for his hurt toe, he says, "No. I wan ah new toe." He later tells his daddy, "I wan ah new gween toe."

I'm not going to lie. I debated with myself for awhile about coloring his toe with a green sharpie.

I didn't.

Blake Reads Easton a Story 

Samantha and Easton have recently discovered the books that are downstairs in our home office. The books aren't for kids, they are the books that Blake and I have read and stacked in the bookshelves for both decoration and the hope that maybe we will one day return to read that particular book once we've forgotten what it was about and how it ended. 
Anyway, at this particular time Easton grabbed a book from the bottom shelf and retreated to his Daddy's lap exclaiming, "Re dis book tu me, Dad-ee!" 
Opening Easton's selection, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, Blake reads a random sentence that he thoughtlessly flipped to within the 349 page book.

"I was daydreaming of killing myself, something I indulge in..."

I came flying around the corner... "Inappropriate Blake! Make up something! Don't read the actual book!!!"

Blake, "Oh. Um. So there was once a little boy named Easton..."


Parents of the year right here, people.
These are prime examples that prove we have no idea what we are doing. 

Just winging it. 


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