Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Drum Roll, Please!

Blake and I spent the better part of yesterday combing through the three choices of living that we felt would all be fine, if not great for our family. We weighed the benefits of living at each location and the inconveniences of each place using a highly complex analysis. Blake and I had often made confident decisions using this method, and as we began weighing the importance of certain factors, we grew anxious to see what it would tell us.

Our factors and the weight of each factor included the following:

Safe at Night - 10
Commute to Work - 9
Proximity to Good Church - 8
Things for Kids to Do - 8
Ease of Daily Chores - (Grocery, Vet, Dry Cleaning) - 8
Price - 8
Ease for Pets - 8
Cleanliness - 7
 Parking - 7
Eating Out Options - 7
Layout - 6
Ability to Deal with Management / Landlord - 6
Bathrooms (Tub? / Number)- 5

After deciding on these factors, we then gave each location a score (1-10). Blake did his mathematical financial magic, and the analysis then computed the score for each location minding the individual scores and the weight of each score.

The answer was clear... All three locations would be equally suitable for our family for the next couple of years. 

That did not help us like we were anticipating.

Back-up Plan Activated!

We walked around each location, discussed in great detail how we thought each day would go in each location, looked at the activities for the kids in relation to each location, and routed the commute that Blake would be taking each day to get to work.

We've made our decision, and it is final. 
(In other words, please don't make us doubt ourselves!)

The Bar is our new home starting February 2015!

Here it is in more detail:

That building with the squiggly blue line? That is the building in which the apartment is.
Count down three windows? That is our floor. Our apartment takes up all of the 25th Floor on a 27-Story Building.  

And what really sold it... The view. 
The largest perks of this location...

We are less than a five minute WALK from Blake's office. (We can see it out the window. I am actually convinced that if he presses himself up against his office window, we could easily see him. He hasn't agreed to do that quite yet.) 
There are numerous restaurants throughout the streets below and a movie theater right across the street. There are so many things close by that are kid-friendly and public transportation from this point can get us anywhere quickly. 

The layout of the apartment is long and skinny, but it is open and clean. There are three bedrooms that are tiny, but they are big enough for what we need.  

We are really pumped to have a place that will be waiting for us when we return in a couple of weeks! That's at least one thing we can mark off of our list!

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