Friday, January 2, 2015

More Paperwork and Preparations

Things are moving right along as we are attempting to go through the motions as smoothly as possible...
I'm starting to think that Australia doesn't really like new people moving into their country. 

I mean, I'm over here going, 
"Hey, Australia, when I come can I bring the Costco-sized boxes of oatmeal in my pantry that I bought before I realized that I was moving over there?"

And Australia is all like, 

Then I say something like, 
"Ok, well, um, can I bring my Uggs to wear around since they are crazy comfy?"

And Australia looks at me then mumbles, 
"Not if you don't want to be considered a bogan."

Then I had to Google "bogan".

Blake and I are leaving for our house-hunting trip in less than a week. I am pumped to experience an international flight in business class and roaming the city we will live in next month (NEXT MONTH! Ahhh!). I am anxious to experience Melbourne without the kids, and I hope that after I wander around a bit I'll feel even more confident about moving there.

The house isn't on the market yet, but we are hoping that it will be listed by early next week (like Monday and Tuesday). Once it is online you can totally log on and check out what the inside of our house looks like. (Spoiler: We are all about glitter, pink pigs, and florescent orange.)

Now, back to the paperwork.

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