Friday, February 13, 2015

Our First Full Day

Friday, February 6th, 2015

After leaving the airport, the driver took us to the extended living hotel where we had made arrangements through Blake's company a couple of weeks beforehand.
It was about 6:00AM when we got there, and a not-so-happy-to-be-working man checked us in.
As we entered our room, we were hit with a wave of both body odor and curry.

Who had been in this place before us?
 I tried to keep calm as I evaluated the room...
There were smudge prints from someone's face being pressed up against all the windows. 
There were dark stains on the carpet throughout the rooms.
I couldn't open the cabinets in the kitchen without foul smells hitting me in the face. 
There were hairs scattered throughout the bathrooms, but...
It was the smell. I couldn't get past the smell. 

We left the room after we had dropped off our luggage, and we headed to find a place for breakfast. We ended up having a nice breakfast on Lygon Street at Trotters.
It was lovely and leisurely, and I momentarily forgot about the disgusting hotel room that was waiting for us a few blocks away.
We shared fried eggs, toast, a warm croissant with jam, bacon (more like American ham than American bacon), and lemon french toast topped with mascarpone and berries.

After eating, we headed to a nearby park, playing and trying to deceive our bodies and brains into thinking it was only morning, not mid-afternoon (what would normally be nap time). It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed watching everyone bustle around, busy on a Friday morning.  

We ran a few errands, including picking up the keys to our apartment and going by the bank, stopped by a local fire station for a kid-friendly demonstration on taking a roof off a wrecked car, and picked up a few groceries to make lunch in our hotel room.
After lunch, Samantha and Easton took a nap while Blake made a few phone calls, switching us to a much nicer, much cleaner room in a hotel closer to Blake's office and our new apartment.
A few hours later, we had moved all of our things into our apartment and our overnight things into our much nicer, much cleaner room.

This room didn't have a separate kitchen and dining area, but for those of you who know me well... I could care less. I felt as though my family could actually walk around without our shoes on. We didn't have to rub Germ-Ex all over our hands constantly out of fear of some unknown disease. And best of all, the room didn't smell of body odor and curry, it smelled pleasant and clean. 

Whew. I could finally sleep.
It was a productive, busy first day, but we made it!

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