Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

Blake decided to take the day off from work today.
While the kids and I had been to a few places outside of Melbourne, Blake hadn't escaped the city with the one exception of heading to Albert Park for the Grand Prix.

We work up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and made a beeline for the train station. Descending down underground to Platform 13, we boarded the train towards Sandringham.

Exiting at Brighton Beach, we made the 1.5km walk along the shoreline towards its most famous beach, Dendy Street Beach. Here we found the iconic Brighton Bathing Boxes that line the coast with the most colorful appeal.

There are currently 82 bathing boxes standing in Brighton, and though there are several thousands on the beaches of Australia, these are popular because of their close proximity to Melbourne's central business district, where we live.

They are crazy gorgeous and festive and just downright fun. They are owned by local individuals and are used for storage and personal space.
Easton and Samantha made a solid effort trying to open the door of pretty much all 82... 
We were there awhile.

In 2008 the boxes were being sold at around $200,000A each! Totally crazy considering the lack of amenities...

How cool would it be, though, to walk up to your bathing box and be like,
"Umm... Yea. This is mine."

We'd actually have to live in it full-time, and since it is essentially a storage shed it probably wouldn't work out all that well, huh? 

How cute are these, though? 
I'd definitely paint mine lime green... 

... And paint pictures of boxes taking showers all over it because I would find it hilariously ironic.

Samantha and Easton loved the beach more than anything else.
Easton actually told me how much fun he was having more than once.
It made my heart happy.

Then I thought about "bathing boxes" and may have laughed out loud. 

^ Can you see the shell Easton was trying to skip?

We had a great time!
It really was worth all the fuss.
So beautiful. 

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