Thursday, April 23, 2015

Too Much Quality Time... Send Help!

Living with three-year-old twins in a city where you really don't know anyone else means that there is a lot of time spent together, just the three of us. It is always interesting or frustrating or fun or all three rolled into one experience. They definitely keep me entertained while constantly on the edge of pulling out all of my hair.
That isn't necessarily a bad thing since I am in desperate need for a haircut.

Anyway, the things that we discuss on a daily basis can easily range from what they want to eat for lunch (which Easton will happily describe what he wants four or five times in a row until I tell him to stop) or they will want to know why people (and Maysee) go to live with Jesus.
For example, Blake took Easton to the natural science museum while I took Samantha shopping last weekend. 
He only talked about the dead (stuffed) khola bear on display for days after.
Why would Blake tell him that all of the animals at the museum were dead?! 
Probably because he gets to escape (go to work) on Mondays. Lucky bastard.
You could get whiplash just from the subjects they bounce back and forth from

I wanted to take a moment to share a few specific tidbits of what I experience regularly.


Easton pointed out a small dog this week on the television asking, "What is that?"
Me, "A chihuahua."
Easton, "Oh, a chiblahblah."

You'd better believe that Blake and I prompted him to keep saying it until he caught on that he was saying it wrong and we were only asking for our own enjoyment.

Obviously I had to get it on camera


I take the kids to the library every week to pick out a few books and a DVD each. They are so pumped about the DVD that they rarely give much thought to the books that they pick out.

Last week Easton grabbed a book about a kid who lives at her mum's house some days and at her dad's house on the other days.
As you might have guessed, it was a book about divorce.

Samantha picked up a book about a little girl who was having to visit her daddy who was in prison. 

Needless to say, I was a little worried about Blake's reaction to the kids' book choices when he read them that evening before bedtime. I should have been more concerned about the kids' reaction to the stories. 
They keep asking when Blake is leaving for prison. 

 Samantha and Easton with their respective books


Samantha and I went shopping last weekend and on the way home we stopped by a little shop that I had been wanting to go into. 
I hadn't before because who wants to take two kids and their husband into a small space to shop in peace?
Samantha was my best bet.

We ended up picking out a couple of eye masks for Samantha and Easton to don on our next flight back to the States. 

Of course, they are the newest things and, therefore, the coolest things.

That night as Blake was turning out the light, Easton leaned over his bed, said "goodnight" to Samantha, and settled into his bed... But not before pulling on his panda bear eye mask, which he has worn for both naptime and bedtime for the past week.  

Adorable and slightly creepy all at the same time


Are these things as funny as I think they are? 
These little things that I think are so hilarious that I type them out and send them into the unknown worlds on the Internet... If I didn't think that they were of worth I wouldn't put them on here to have to read later or to share with Samantha and Easton when they are older. 
But what do I know?
I spend all day, everyday with two laser-gun-loving, princess-dress-wearing kids.

I might be losing my mind...
Send help!

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