Sunday, June 28, 2015

Three Week Australia Visit

When you travel to Australia to visit I may or may not be inclined to create an extremely detailed itinerary for your visit...

Partly because I want you to know what we are going to be doing each day, so that you can give me a heads up if I have missed anything or if you don't want to spend time doing something in particular.  It is also helpful for packing purposes.

Mostly because I have pretty strong OCD tendencies.
... Just so you know ...

Anyway, I thought that I would post the itinerary that I came up with for Blake's parents' visit. 

They were in Australia for three weeks, and after that, Mrs. Kathy and I flew with Samantha and Easton back to Texas. 
(The kids and I will be in the States until the end of July visiting family and friends.)
Mr. Rick was encouraged and then decided to spend a couple of extra weeks in Australia so that he and Blake could explore a little more without having to make the compromises that you have to make when you have two four-year-olds in tow.

Without further ado...
So maybe my not-so-secret agenda behind showing this to you is to make you think, 
"Hmm... Wow! How fun! I think that I want to go to Australia!" 
You then call/message/email me, and I am like, "Yes! Come, please!" 
And then you come visit us in Australia so I don't have to miss you that much!

Sneaky, huh? ... I await your contact.

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