Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Decisions = Happy Decisions


Blake and I have been trying to have a baby. Did you know that? We've been trying to conceive for almost six months now. It is a long story, but I have a hormonal disorder which makes conceiving especially difficult. We have been spending fist-loads of money and hours of our time working with a fertility specialist to help us make this work in our favor.

In the last six months, Blake and I have learned two things.

1. In order to conceive, we are going to have to go through a procedure called in-vitro fertilization. This procedure is going to cost around $10,000 each time we try until we (a) get pregnant or (b) run out of money.

2. We aren't quite ready to have a baby.

Isn't it funny when you learn that something you thought was the most important thing in the world really isn't that important? Yet.

Driving home from Christmas in Fort Worth, TX with Blake's family, we discussed and decided that there are several goals that we would like to accomplish before becoming parents. Therefore, we have decided to ditch the +$1,000 worth of injectables under my bathroom sink to maneuver our way through a new series of plans that we developed in the car.

Yesterday evening we sat down and created the following list of goals to accomplish during this new phase in our lives, which we have appropriately named "We're in Our 20's, Damn-It!"

Together Goals:
1. Join a Gym
2. Get Involved in a Sunday School Class
3. Participate in the MS 150
4. Go to Turkey and London
5. Spend Kim's Birthday in New York (2010)
6. Save $60,000 for Down Payment on a House
7. Move to the Inner Loop of Houston
8. Get Concealed Weapons License (Buy a Handgun)
9. Travel to Ireland

Kim's Goals:
1. Laser Hair Removal
2. Begin Master's Program in Elementary Education
3. Take Spin Class
4. Take Yoga Lessons
5. Learn to Play the Violin
6. Record Life's Events by Taking Lots of Pictures

Blake Goals:
1. Go to Keeneland in KY with Dad
2. Join Rice Alliance
3. Follow Local Music
4. Pursue Volunteering Opportunities
5. Take Hand to Hand Combat Course

Keep in mind that all of these lists are subject to change, but we want to make sure that we strive to accomplish most, if not all, of these goals. Otherwise, what was the point of putting a hold on having a family?

We now have to make the first steps...