Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Resolutions to Resolve

Blake and I have made several commitments over the last few days...

I am beginning to wonder if these commitments correlate with the New Year or, perhaps, with the long drives that have placed Blake and I in the car together, talking with the radio turned down to a low murmur in the background. The conversations that we sometimes have over the 4+ hour drive from Fort Worth/Dallas to Houston or the other way around are staggering. We can acquire many goals and make countless decisions, agreements, and expenditures in such a seemingly small amount of time.

Regardless of why and/or how, Blake and I have made decisions to spin several of our previously listed goals into action. Below I have listed our recent developments.

1.) First and foremost, I am excited to announce that we have BOOKED OUR TICKETS FOR OUR TURKEY/LONDON TRIP. We are leaving for London on June 16th at 8:30pm, and we will be staying at the Royal Horseguards Hotel for three nights. On June 20th, we'll board another flight for Turkey, staying with Kristin and Brandon until the following Sunday, June 27th, when we will return to Houston.

2.) Blake and I went to a gun range over the weekend to shoot a variety of handguns to help us determine which kind we feel most comfortable with. Blake's brother-in-law, John, was kind enough to share his guns and provide ammunition for this adventure. He also reviewed all safety and sporting features of a 9mm Glock, a 9mm "Baby" Glock and a Kimber 1911. Blake and I did not agree on which gun felt the best for us, but, hey, we are individuals with individual tastes. (Blake likes the 1911, while I prefer the "Baby" Glock.) Since the gun range, Blake and I have made a timeline for obtaining our Concealed Handgun License as well as purchasing a handgun for home and self protection.

3.) Tomorrow Blake and I are meeting up after work to tour a gym.

After eating out endlessly and eating without concern for the last few weeks, we are anxious to get into a gym and begin a new routine which includes working out. (I''m also looking forward to getting back to making meals at home.) Just the thought of these two features in our lives has already made me feel as though five pounds have fallen off!

What strides we have made over the last few days... Hopefully we'll be able to keep up the momentum as we begin planning our Turkey/London trip, purchase a handgun, maintain our CHL, and join a gym. What exciting times!