Friday, January 15, 2010

Rise and Whine

This morning I really needed a cup of coffee.

It's dreary outside, with the rain threatening and the wind blowing. On top of the nasty weather, Blake was supposed to have the day off, so we originally had a whole mess of plans to fill our day. I was looking forward to spending that time together. Hence, the need for the cup of coffee... just to get my day started.

So, I pulled down a coffee mug, popped a pod into the coffee-maker, and proceeded to press the necessary buttons to make me that oh-so-needed cup of joe. I then began the process of rounding up the additions required to make my daily cup of coffee tasty, AKA, half-n-half and sugar. But, crap, no half-n-half, no sugar. We're out...

At this point, I'd like to remind you all that the past few days have been filled with a few tidbits that have made my days seem dreary even without the rain or wind. However, the more "obstacles" (or teeny, tiny annoyances) I encountered this morning, the more I considered how utterly blessed I actually am.

Even though the blessings in my life are so numerous I couldn't even begin to attempt to count them, here are a few that impact me most of all.

1. I have faith. I have a faith that at times has been weak and flimsy, but at other times has been abundant and reliable. I know that when I am lost or confused, or when I am joyful and happy, I have faith to understand the purposes behind the layers of my life.

2. I have love. I have people in my life who love me more than I should ever expect from them... They fill me with such joy and happiness. Even though they know all of the craziness and flaws of my life, they continue to remind me each time I am with them that I am good and I am trying tread water the best I can, which is all anyone can ask of me.

3. I have memories. I have enchanting memories of a childhood that was given to me by my family. I have precious memories of a blooming relationship between myself and a boy that treated me with such respect and patience that I married him without any fear or doubt. I have unfailing memories of lessons learned and past experiences that have allowed me to become the person that I am today.

4. I have unity. I have a husband who understands me, believes in me, trusts me, comforts me, confides in me, could not live without me. I have a husband that I understand, I believe in, I trust, I comfort, I confide in, and I could not live without.

In having said...

Upon finding that I was out of half-n-half and sugar, I simply added whipped cream to my bitter, black coffee to create the creamy, blissful affect I was looking for.

More often do I need to remember that life is not always going to be exactly what I expect. I should look at what I have right in front of me (or in the refrigerator, for that matter) to know that I already have what I need to maintain that creamy, blissful affect. My blessings drown the grievances and sorrow that I sometimes collide with. Because of all this I should never feel the need to...