Monday, January 25, 2010

You Need Some Homemade Goodness in Your Life

Several days ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Happiness Is..., when I spotted this amazingly cheerful game.

Here are the super simple rules to play:

  1. I make a handmade gift for the first 3 people to comment on this post.
  2. I have 365 days in which to send you the gift.
  3. The gift will be a total surprise.
  4. You keep this going by posting Pay It Forward on your blog.

If you happen to be one of the first three to leave a little love, get ready! Soon enough, you'll have a sweet, little surprise waiting on your doorstep.

Personally, I'm looking forward to a special something in the mail from the lovely lady behind Happiness Is.... And, I'm looking forward to sharing some homemade goodness with you!

Ready, set, go!


  1. So glad I poped over to see you.This sounds like a great idea.

  2. I'm thrilled that you popped over too! I'll be sending you a note soon to inquire about your address...
    P.S. One of my most favorite places in the world is Hardy, AR. Have you ever traveled there?

  3. This is such a neat idea! I am Kimmy Christensen's room mate and she told me about your blog!

  4. How exciting! I love, love, love your room mate! Tell her I said, "Hello!" Watch out for an email from me soon... :)

  5. Your blog is too cute to not comment. Thanks for the ideas about organizing. It will help me tons when I move soon.
    - Steph

  6. Thanks, Stephanie! I'll have to get your new address to your new home to send you a sweet, little something!

  7. Am I too late? Can I still get something? I will settle for semi-home made.

  8. Blake... What about on Thursday night I'll make you some pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy? Is that homemade enough for you?

  9. Yay! What a great response! Thank you sweetie for your kind words. I can't wait to make/send you a surprise. I still have no clue what I'm going to create - haha. xoxo