Monday, February 8, 2010

Are You Ready?

Valentine's Day is this week...

Have you made your plans with your sweetheart?

Did you make dinner reservations somewhere?

Or are you going to just stay in and eat a candlelit dinner?

Did you get your sweetie a little gift?

Or did you find the perfect card?

Did you rent a romantic comedy to watch?

Or are you going to go to the theatre?

Regardless of the plans you have (or haven't) made take this day as a reminder to tell all who you love that you do love them!


  1. Hubby just called to say he made reservations for a Valentine's lunch for us. HAHA, You know you have a baby when you no longer can go out for a romantic Valentine's DINNER! So lunch it is! I am excited regardless. Now I have to find something special to do for him.

  2. You didn't have you favorite Aunt's birthday on your calendar for February 14.. :(