Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Little Free Never Hurt Anyone

Since I'm not a big fan of going out a buying something for the sake of filling a space or revamping a room, I am always on the look out for a way to reuse something that I already have to recreate my sweet, little home. This could include moving around my little decorative knick-knacks, rearranging furniture (which Blake is not a fan of), or refurbishing something I already have to give it a different look.

This technique has its definite pros,
1. It costs little to nothing.
2. It prevents me from buying something that I might later regret. 
3. It allows for me to be open to buying things that have a story, a meaning, AND a purpose rather than just a purpose.
4. It prevents me from buying things in sets where everything matches perfectly, which just isn't my style.
but it also has its cons.
1. It takes time, which I don't always have or want to give.
2. I'll often have an idea in my head that is difficult to recreate.
3. I am not a expert at everything (gasp with surprise), so I am often bewildered with my large projects that I tackle.
4. I'll often have 4 or 5 projects going on at one time which may led to stress and anxiety.
Regardless of the pros and cons, every now and then I'll do something that will make me swoon with pride and pleasure for my thrifty ways. A recent example of this would be a project that I completed to revamp my little entryway.

Sorry I didn't take before pictures. I was really excited to get started...

a) My entry consisted of a console table that was a free-bee from my mother-in-law. She graciously allowed me to bring her sturdy, walnut-stained table back to Houston to fill the gap of nothingness in the entryway. 
b) On the table I had arranged little items of purpose: a box to hold our keys, a lamp to light up the hallway in the evening hours, and other little household items that were arranged to welcome us home right when we walked through the door.
c) Above the console table I had hung a cork-board, which had a whole slew of items like cards, movie ticket stubs, pictures, etc. pinned all over it. It was a mess and looked the same way it did when it hung in my college apartment years ago. 

Ta Da!

a) My console table is now painted a lovely, deep red, which I had purchased for a previous project. On the top I painted a "b" for a thoughtful addition, and I then sanded the edges to give the table a worn-in, vintage appeal. (I borrowed the sander from my home's owner... I may "accidentally" pack it with my things when they move back! Shhh...)

b) On the table I cleared away most of the clutter to make sure there is plenty of room to set my purse down right when I walk in the door. (I'm always in a hurry since the dogs are pretty excited and ready to be let out.)

c) On my cork-board I removed all of the miscellaneous items and simply covered the board in gorgeous antique sheet music that I purchased off of Ebay forever ago. 

Total cost of my renovation: $0.00 

Genius, right here.


  1. Fabulous, Kim! I love it! Trade you the sander for the console table and sheet music...

  2. Thanks, Kristin!!! I have extra sheet music, and you can have Whiskey! Deal?

  3. Oh this is awesome! I really would love to try some DIY idea like this on some of my furniture.