Monday, February 15, 2010

A Little This, A Little That

So... It's been how many days without a post?

Hmmm... Only two?

Well, regardless of the number of days, Blake and I have been running around like crazy over the past weekend. It seems like a lot longer, A LOT longer than just two days since I have last spoken with you.

What was on our agenda for the weekend?


5:30AM : Wake Up
6:30AM : Out the Door
8:00AM-8:00PM : CHL Course
8:00PM : Arrive Home, Order a Pizza, Fall into Bed

Sidenote on Saturday: 
The CHL course went really well. Blake and I both passed the written test and the shooting test. There weren't any causalities, but there was an injury. 
Oops. Apparently you have to make sure you don't catch your pinky finger in the gun when you are slamming the magazine in.

Sunday (AKA Valentine's Day)
Happy Birthday, Aunt Cindy!

6:30AM : Wake Up
8:30AM : Church
9:45AM : Breakfast @ Le Peep
10:45AM : Gym and Errands
1:00PM : Disassemble, Clean, and Reassemble Guns, Bake Heart-Shaped Cake, Install Gun Safe, Laundry, Dance Around Aimlessly, Etc.
7:30PM : Out the Door
8:00PM : Dinner at Fuad's
11:45PM : Arrive Home

Sidenote on Sunday (AKA Valentine's Day):
Blake was a perfect Valentine, loaded with chocolate and flowers.
He gave me the most AMAZING flowers, and this is a tall order since I used to work at a flower shop.  
*Sigh* Aren't they lovely?
Today is another day! 
I've got plans mixing around my head, and I just know that today is going to be filled with great things...
Make your day great too!
Happy President's Day! (Whatever that may entail.) 

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I love and miss you!!