Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcoming a New Month...!

Well, today is the start to a brand, spanking-new month!

I sat down yesterday to fill in my monthly calendar, which is stuck to the front of the fridge.
There are only six days this month that remained without writing. 
Which means that this month is going to be crazy... That is just fine by me. I would rather be busy than bored, but I must admit that I'm a little excited with this upcoming month because of several key reasons:

1. March holds usually holds such nice weather here in Houston. Maybe I can wash my car without it getting dirty within thirty minutes?
2. We are merely weeks away from the birth of my favorite (and only) nephew!
3. I get to buy a dress for the Kentucky Derby. (I don't like wearing dresses very much, but I can eat a lot at the Derby and still be comfortable in a dress... I'm a thinker.)
4. Blake's birthday is at the end of the month, which means I get to shower my best bud with gifts and pie. (Yea, he requested pie this year instead of cake... I know! What is he thinking?)
5. Spring Break is this month! This may or may not entail a visit from my mini-me (AKA Kelsey-Welsie, Buddy, Little Sister). She loves me.
6. Lint Lent will be over in a little over a month from now... I'm dying without ice cream. Dying!
I'm out... Am I forgetting something?

Regardless of my reasoning, I am welcoming this month with open arms!

I have a feeling good feeling that the next 31 days are going to be great...
...because I'm going to make them great! 

You can too!


  1. Just to give you a hard time (and bc I am sitting in the airport in Singapore with nothing better to do than check FB) - The end of lint will be a great thing because I have to constantly clean the dang filter on the dryer; and then there is the infamous belly button lint...yuck! Where is it all going? It is quite a coincidence that the end of lint is also coming at the end of lent this year. Hallelujah! As for the rest of March - at least Blake will be old enough to drink this year and we won't have to support his underage drinking anymore, although we'll probably still have to put a nipple on his bottle.

  2. Gosh, Jeff... What would I do without you to help me figure out the difference between "lint" and "Lent" or "it's" and "its"?

    It's (see, I think I've got it now) a good thing that you've got me to tutor your daughter even as you are tutoring me!

  3. March IS going to be great. Thanks for the positive energy! :) xo