Sunday, February 28, 2010

Five Finger Rule

This morning Blake and I woke up to a gorgeous Sunday morning.

We wrestled to get cleaned up and dressed up, and we flew out the door... Late as always.

I parked the Jeep, and we jumped out of the vehicle to race across the street before being squashed by the Metro train... Those things are silent and deadly.

We burst through the slowly closing doors, and slipped quiet-as-mice into an empty space.

I have to brag...
I. Love. Our. Church.
There is something about the atmosphere and the friendly faces.
Of course, the building is an antique. It is gorgeous and classic and beautiful. 
As we sit in the pews each week, I always try to envision who sat in my very place years and years before me.

Okay, I'll stop. But seriously, gorgeous.
Anyway, today was Youth Sunday. The youth were leading the service today, and that they did. 
From the choir to the clergymen,
from the Scripture to the sermon,
it was all led by the youth.
They did an amazing job. I even learned something that I'd like to share with you...
Maybe you've heard of this before,
but maybe, like me, you'll appreciate this little tidbit.

When praying follow these guidelines to ensure that you remember everyone and anyone that needs your prayers...

I love this. I think I'll teach it to my kids next year...
With that being said, I'll leave you with one more picture. 
(Hey, I'm still working with Photoshop, so you'll probably see a ton of my pictures for the time being.)

God's gifts are everywhere. You don't have to look very far. 

 Have an amazing remainder to the weekend!

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