Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's here...
Our trip!

The excitement bubbles behind everything that Blake and I do.

The pups are safe at Blake's mom and dad's.
Thanks Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Rick!
The bags are packed and weighed. 
I made it to 49 lbs with our largest bag. Score.
Our passports are tucked safely in my purse for safe keeping.
I'm too terrified to let Blake hold his own. 
Controlling? Yes, I am.
Cameras are charged and lenses are safely packed in my sweet, new camera bag.
It was purchased from this awesome Etsy site.
All liquids have been placed in plastic baggies.
Including my nail polish should my toes need touch-ups after walking all day.
The itineraries have been printed out and tucked into our carry on bags.
Would you like to see it? 
I'll post our London one, since it's the only one I have made.
Thanks, Kristin for making the one for Turkey!

So much has been done in preparation for this trip Blake and I are taking.
Probably because I'm secretly nervous/anxious for our first trip over the Atlantic. 
And, when I'm nervous/anxious I compensate by over-preparing.
Doesn't everyone? 
Just me?

London, England
Istanbul, Turkey
Santorini, Greece

Here we come!

(You can click on each page to make it larger for viewing. Also, sorry for all of the black caterpillars, you never know who is reading this thing, and I don't want to give out any information that could come back to haunt me.)

What did I tell you about over-preparing?
All maps are from Rick Steve's book on London.


  1. Oh gosh looks like you will have so much fun!!

  2. Your itineraries are so cute! They will be such a fun keepsake to hold onto as well. Have a wonderful adventure!!!