Friday, June 4, 2010

Past of Firsts

Over Memorial Day weekend, Blake and I drove up to visit my family in Oklahoma.
We dropped the dogs off at Blake's mom and dad's house, stopping to spend the night.
We woke up early, pulling into my parent's driveway sometime in the late morning.

It's an odd feeling, revisiting your past.
It is such a rush of emotions each time Blake and I are back where we first met...
... Where we experienced our first kiss.
... Where we first held hands.
... Where I first told him "I love you" a few hours after he first told me.

And these are only moments that happened at my parent's house.
I could stretch the distance out another mile or so, and we could move into other "firsts".

met when we both played basketball
watched a storm roll in across the Oklahoma night
note left on a windshield
 hint of jealousy
playful hug and laced fingers

Each time that Blake and I visit my family, we are surrounded by the beginnings of us. 
It's nice, it's sentimental, but it's fading.

The little place where Blake and I attended high school and began our relationship is slowly fading from our past home to a place where my family lives. 
When we visit, we are visiting my mother, father, brother, and sister. 
We aren't visiting our past.

I kind of feel as though with this revelation, we have taken a step forward in our adult lives.
Our home is now Houston.

But for how long?

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