Monday, April 18, 2011

On to the Nursery...

Blake and I (mostly I) have been spending ridiculous amounts of time in the twins' room.

There have actually been a few occasions where I have caught myself just hanging out in the room wondering what life is going to be like once the room is occupied. 
I can only imagine, and my aunt told me last week that, 
"You just can't realize what that time is going to be like until that time is here."

As Blake and I patiently wait to become an official mother and an official father, there is nothing wrong with nesting until your fingerprints are dissolved with bleach and your dogs are cautious to drink water out of the bowl for fear of getting water on the wood floors. 

Around Christmas, Blake and I picked out furniture. We brought home two cribs, and we waited patiently for the matching, three-drawer dresser to arrive.
... But ...
Is it ever that easy?
Of course not. 

The matching, three-drawer dresser never came in, and it was on to Plan B. 

Introducing Plan B

Plan B was found on the side of the road and was repainted twice. 
The first paint color was a lovely turquoise blue.
The second paint color was a pale dove gray/blue.

Upon purchasing the dresser and placing it in the twins' room, I went to work creating a plan to make this dresser into the perfect changing table.

The Plan

Keep in Mind the Following Numbers
Matching, Three-Drawer Dresser - $518.00
Budget Dresser (Nine Drawers) - Roughly $350.00

The Final Product

Money well spent.
I think.

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