Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Few Photos

Lately, the babies and I have been spending our weeks lazily watching the Today Show, folding loads of laundry, and cuddling in bed during the early morning hours just moments after their daddy heads out the door. 

I'm excited for cooler weather to bring more opportunities to escape the apartment. 
We can walk to museums, the park, and the zoo from where we live.

I'm still trying to learn Samantha and Easton's schedules.
We've gotten a bedtime down, and the two are sleeping through the night.
From 7:00PM until 7:00AM.
With an exception of one middle of the night feeding, which Blake and I secretly love.

This Sunday, we are planning on taking the twins to the nursery at our church for the first time.
I hope that everything goes smoothly since I'm a little nervous about leaving the babies with strangers.
Blake keeps reminding me that it is only for an hour. 

I can't believe that they've been here for three months!
Every day is as great as the day before.

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