Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Few Adventures...

The Aquarium

We had a great time visiting the aquarium.
The kids were free (since they were 3-years-old), but they won't get away with that for long.
Overall, the trip was pretty expensive (especially considering that the kids were free and that I bought discounted tickets online vs at the door), but it was fun.  The kids really enjoyed it!


(Press Play!)

The aquarium had an incredible project where the kids would color in a picture of a shark and it would project the shark onto the screen where it could "swim in the ocean". It was such a cool concept, and the kids loved finding and chasing their sharks.

The Gruffalo

On Tuesday evening, Blake left work a little early to come with us to a little production at Melbourne Town Hall.
We got to watch one of our favorite authors read and act out a few stories, including The Gruffalo and Room on a Broom, as well as sing a few fun songs and hear a few silly poems.

It was adorable and sweetly silly and a blast for both us and the kids!

 We even got her autograph on Easton's book!

The Statue by the River

So there is this statue that is down by the river. 
Totally thinking of Chris Farley...
Back to the story.

We can see it from our apartment, and we had been trying to decide if it was a dog or a dinosaur or a lizard. We just couldn't decide. 

Once Samantha and Easton had a chance to inspect it up close, Samantha had the obvious answer.

Samantha, "Daddy! It's a cat!"
Blake, "Why do you think it's a cat, Samantha?"
Samantha, "Because..." Looking at Blake with exasperation.
"It only has three legs."

I think someone misses her kitty more than I do.

More adventures soon...

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