Thursday, February 26, 2015

Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience

This is my version of William Blake's Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience.

Mine aren't quite as cryptic as Mr. Blake's.
You're welcome, world. 

Viewing an Apartment in a Foreign Country 
(without your children present)

Songs of Innocence

So beautiful is the view
There is nothing else that I want to do,
Than to sit here in this chair
And into the distance I shall stare.

The refrigerator is simply stunning,
and the hand-scraped floors... I'm certainly loving.
The wine fridge is such a delight.
I'm going to fill it with only the best reds and whites.

The bathrooms. So pristine and full of light!
I can't wait to use it morning and night.
The waterfall showerheads are divine.
I'll be spoiled by them in no time.

The elevators enter into the hall.
The bank is wide, the ceiling, tall.
So gleaming clean with marble and glass.
The ride to our apartment is first class.

Leasing an Apartment in a Foreign Country
(with your children present)

Songs of Experience 

Close the door! Don't touch that glass!
I just cleaned that window and want it to last!
I can't sit here and enjoy this view.
(Sitting isn't a child-friendly thing to do.)

The refrigerator doesn't make ice.
 Or filter water. That would've been nice.
The wine cabinet has nothing to show...
Other than apple juice and some chilled jello.

The bathrooms aren't made for kids.
No baths, just showers for dirt to be rid.
   The twins flatly refuse to shower without me.
This isn't as relaxing as I had hoped it would be.

The elevator worry is a constant.
What if someone enters it without my knowledge?
A three-year-old wandering alone in the streets...
These are the thoughts of my worst dreams.

*Note from the author (err... me):

Hi there! 
In all seriousness, we love our apartment. It is crazy beautiful and the view... Seriously. The view.
This post isn't to say that we don't love our apartment. It is just to poke a little bit of fun at all of the aspects that we ignored when we viewed the apartment in relation to us moving in with kids.

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