Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Guessing Game

I've just thought of this amazing game where you try to guess whether the following scenarios that I write about are either...
  1. a story about Samantha and/or Easton 
  2. a story about a drunken incident that has taken place within the past ten years
  • I'm not going to share who the stories are about, but just know that a scenario could have been Samantha, Easton, a friend, or a family member. 
  • If this story is about you... You are more than welcome to reveal yourself. 
Here we go!

Scenario #1:
Laying on the floor of a house that is not your own, cuddling with a dog that is not your own, and singing a song about how much you like peppermint.

Scenario #2:
Leaning way too far over a balcony to throw food at animals that aren't interested at all in what you are throwing. (Example: Lime rinds to bats)

Scenario #3:
Just getting back home after bedtime.
Person 1: It's past bedtime. Go get into bed.
Person 2: Runs down the hall towards bedroom. Jumps in perfect parallel to the floor... Misses bed completely and lands on floor next to bed. 

Scenario #4:
At a restaurant waiting for a turn in the single person bathroom.
A person not part of your party knocks on the occupied bathroom door.
Person 1: It's not your turn. I know who's in there, and he's busy trying to poop.

Scenario #5:
Refusing to get on the glass elevator at Bass Pro Shop because it is just too confusing. 

Scenario #6:
Blowing suggestively into someone's ear that isn't your significant other, and making that person feel ridiculously uncomfortable.

Did you guess which story was about drunken college/pre-kid days or about parenting? 

Are you ready to hear the answers?...

I have witnessed ALL of these scenarios twice... Once with a three-year-old and once with a drunk twenty/thirty-something-year-old. 

This only furthers my theory that taking care of Samantha and Easton is like taking care of that annoying inebriated friend who would get themselves killed if left to their own devices. 

 Toddlers are equivalent to little drunk people.

(I'm tired just looking at these pictures...) 

For those of you who are/have been parents of the two or three-year-old variety, you know what I mean. If you haven't yet experienced the joys of chasing after a toddler, good luck with that - Chances are, though, that you already have some decent experience with dealing with many, if not all situations you'll find yourself in.

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