Saturday, January 30, 2010

"We're in Our 20's Dang-It!" Update

Okay, time for an update on what's been going on...

Blake and I have been working towards achieving the goals that we set for ourselves when we decided that "We are in Our 20's, Dang-It!". Check out one of my previous posts, Big Decisions=Happy Decisions, if you're not sure where I'm coming from. However, if you are up to date on what's happening in our world, I wanted to update you all on the status of the goals that Blake and I have made for us to accomplish within the next three years. 

Together Goals:
1. Join a Gym (Done.)
2. Get Involved in a Sunday School Class (We've been at church every Sunday we've been in town.)
3. Participate in the MS 150
4. Go to Turkey and London (We've booked our tickets!)
5. Spend Kim's Birthday in New York (2010)
6. Save $60,000 for Down Payment on a House (Definitely making strides for this...)
7. Move to the Inner Loop of Houston
8. Get Concealed Weapons License (Buy a Handgun) (We've signed up and paid for the CHL class.)
9. Travel to Ireland

Kim's Goals:
1. Laser Hair Removal (This process takes a while, but I've paid for the whole thing and I've completed my first session.)
2. Begin Master's Program in Elementary Education
3. Take Spin Class
4. Take Yoga Lessons
5. Learn to Play the Violin (I have the violin.)
6. Record Life's Events by Taking Lots of Pictures (Definitely an ongoing process, but I've done well so far!)

Blake Goals:
1. Go to Keeneland in KY with Dad
2. Join Rice Alliance
3. Follow Local Music (We are heading to Austin, TX for Blake's 25th birthday... Surely we'll get to listen to some local music there.)
4. Pursue Volunteering Opportunities
5. Take Hand to Hand Combat Course

Here are my most recent pictures of "Together Goal #8".
We've been working hard to not only accomplish and/or prepare to accomplish these goals, but we've been working even harder to PAY for these suckers.

It's not my fault that the things we want to do cost a sizable chunk of our income...


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  1. This is such a good idea. Too bad that my husband is in his 30's and I only have a year left in my 20's. HAHA! Makes me thing about setting goals for our 30's.