Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Need a Better Understanding

Do you ever catch yourself thinking:
"Hmm... I wonder what all these buttons do?"
Because I do, a lot.

I have a camera that I barely know how to use, but you know what, I'm gonna figure this sucker out even if it kills me. 

I also have a computer program, Photoshop, that I am still trying to figure out. 
I'm going to get this. 
For gosh sakes, I took a course on Photoshop in college. That wasn't that long ago... 
Was it? One, two, three... Only three years!
I'm going to get this.

My goal is to understand how to work my little camera before Blake and I visit K and B in Turkey this summer, which is only four short months away. 
I'm going to get this.

Here is an example of my Photoshop-ing attempts:

Before                                                              After

Can you tell the difference? Maybe? Kinda? Sorta?

Meanwhile, I thought I join a little blogging society that posts pictures once a week; you know, to encourage me to play around with my camera and Photoshop each week.

Here is my picture of the week:

I took this photo on top of a gorgeous mountain on Maui, HA. 
Tons of people made the trek to the top of the mountain in anticipation of the sunrise.
The people pictures here are a few of those such people.

What do you think?
I'm going to get this.

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  1. Yes, you ARE going to get this! I love how the clouds are in the horizon in your photo of the week! So beautiful. I also like how you made the foreground almost completely black in your edit, adding to the emphasis on the silhouette. Thanks for adding your photos this week!