Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How About Another Mushy Valentine's Day Post?!? No?

Okay... What about a post about guns? I mean, we haven't talked about guns in at least three days...

I realize that lately my subject content has been pretty thin... (Mushy stuff, guns, mushy stuff, guns, giving the dogs a bath, etc., etc., etc.) You must understand, though, that with our ConcealedHandgunLicense course on Saturday I don't have much else on my mind. I haven't taken a test in over a year, and I've never taken a test where I could kill someone if I don't take it correctly... Gulp.

So, with that being said. Guns it is!

On Monday I got a phone call from my guys down at CopStop. (They are ex-police/ex-miltary guys who have a license to receive guns in the mail to distribute to people who are like me or to deny access to people who are crazy and convicted felons.)
Blah, blah, blah. Boring.
The important part of all of this is that they had my gun!

Say "hello" to my little friend... Sorry, I had to.

On Tuesday, Friend and I drove out to the middle of nothing to practice shooting in an uninhabited area, if you don't count the cows. Friend's brother-in-law, who is a game warden, was nice enough to meet us and provide advice, information, and protection from accidentally shooting ourselves or one another.

It was refreshing to be outside of the city amidst trees and clean air...

This is my gun pouch. I think it's great and slightly ironic, especially since the girl who made it was selling it as a clutch. 
(Sorry for the blurry-ness. I didn't take my professional camera with me.)

Friend and I kicked butt...

We definitely killed the piece of paper stuck on the side of the dirt mound.

P.S. I seriously shouldn't kill anyone this weekend, but just in case, I will be contacting my brother-in-law (who is a lawyer in Texas) to confirm that he will represent me should I make a fatal mistake.

All playing aside, Blake, Friend, Friend's Husband and I decided to purchase guns and get our CHL not because it is the "cool" thing to do, but because we wanted to feel as though we weren't powerless to protect ourselves. Should a situation arise where we are called to use our handgun, we will do so out of defense. 
We are taking this very seriously, and even though we are having fun in the process, we understand and respect the power of using any sort of firearm. By taking the CHL course, we will learn all the laws and standards of carrying such a weapon.

Wish us luck!

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