Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Little Cheap Never Hurt Anyone - Chair Recovery (Part 1)


A little under a year ago I made a purchase at a charitable garage sale for Bandade Animal Rescue.

I purchased three chairs that are all functional for just $2.00. (No, not $2.00 each, but $2.00 for three chairs. That equals out to around $.67 per chair.) Talk about deal of the century.

They were originally purchased by an owner of an antique shop who intended to refurbish the chairs to sell. However, when he sold his shop and had yet to finish the chairs, he gave them to the President of Bandade Animal Rescue, Chris', mother. (Confused yet?) Anyway, Chris' mother never found the time to finish the chairs herself and handed them over to be sold at the aforementioned garage sale.

Enter me.

So, I bought these chairs with a desire to take them from the sad state they were in and transform them into Greatness x 3.

Well, first things first. I needed fabric for the chair cushions because the original stained, pale blue fabric just wasn't working for me. Low and behold, I found what I needed at Hobby Lobby (AKA Store of Greatness Production). I purchased two yards of this fabric that was originally priced at $39.99 a yard for $4.00 a yard.

{Insert Applause Here}

Thank you, thank you. Back to the project...

Over the weekend, I managed to find a hour or so to recover the chairs' cushions. 
Below, I have included the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Using needle-nose pliers, pull the million+ staples out of the cushion to be able to remove the current stained, pale blue fabric (and the three other layers of fabric you find beneath the stained, pale blue fabric). 

Step 2: Glare into the bucket holding the pulled staples and muttered a few choice words under your breath. 

 (Note: This was after just one of the chairs.)

Step 3: Arrange the new, clean fabric underneath the chair cushion and pull tightly before stapling into place. 

(Note: Make sure you take your time and keep your fabric pulled tightly to prevent you cushion from looking that the wrinkled skin of a bulldog.)

Step 4: Admire your newly recovered chair cushions!

Total Cost of Renovation (So Far): $2.67 per chair
AND I still have a yard of gorgeous fabric left over!
(Maybe I can make a pillow with it?)

Chair Recovery 101 to be continued...

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  1. Love the pattern you chose. It's really pretty! Great price for your makeover too!

  2. Except for two free chairs, already refinished, that my friend gave me, that has got to be an all-time greatest chair price. Your fabric looks so fresh and fun. Looking forward to seeing the full reveal.

  3. These turned out great! The fabric you chose is adorable. I love rescued furniture. I just rescued a wingback chair and gave it a new life (its todays post on my blog). Love these.

  4. Very nice, very nice! Love the fabric.