Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

Welp, I checked in on my little blog this morning and noticed that I have had over 1,500 people view my blog!

Additionally, I've written over 50 posts for this sucker.
I think that calls for a celebration...
Don't you?

Over the weekend I went to a couple of charming antique stores in Fort Worth. 

I found a few little items which I may have treated myself to,
...and I also found a little something that I thought I'd treat one of my readers to.

When I saw this, I thought of you all. 
Honestly; ask my shopping partner (who also happens to be my mother-in-law).

What do you say? Wouldn't you love to win this adorable treat for your home? In celebration of Spring?!

I knew you would.
So I bet you're wondering: How can I win this; what are the rules?!

Well, it's simple!
1. Leave a comment telling me one of your favorite things about Spring along with a valid email address.
(To leave a comment you have to click on the title of this post, "Let's Celebrate". Then you will find the comment box under the post.)
2. Become a follower! and then submit an additional comment telling me you've become one.
(If you're already a follower then leave a comment saying you already are... Thanks!)

And that's it!
Good luck!

I'll be closing the giveaway at 11:59pm EST on Saturday, April 3rd.
(The day before Easter! Excitement!)
So make some tracks!


  1. What a sweet giveaway! I love it. My favorite part of spring is being able to wear sandals again :) xo

  2. So cute! My favorite part of Spring is watching for my apricot tree to blossom. When it finaly happens I know warm weather is soon to come. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. So I'm a follower, just because you have great taste, and I like your writing style. I found you on Chatting at the Sky. My favorite thing about spring is the potential. You know, new everything!

  4. oohh! i love this little cute spring thing! count me in! i think my fav thing about the spring is all the new refreshing and renewing it feels to start anew!!

  5. i'm a true follower now. ;) but, with your blog title, how could i not be!?!

  6. Of course I would love to enter your giveaway....very pretty.

    I love everything that has to do with Spring but mostly all of the new growth. Love the orange blossoms all around my house.

    xx - Christina

  7. and now i'm following ... favorite thing about spring? the buds on the trees and the amazing shade of green that they are in the beginning. always look so beautiful against a bright blue sky!

  8. What a pretty little "thing". I'd have to hide it around here with my bunch, but it might look nice at work. Just found your blog. Are you in Houston? I am FROM Houston.

    Check us out too. I'm following your blog now too.


    P.S. love the spring flowers and missing the spring Bluebonnets

  9. My favorite thing about Spring is the birds chirping, the sun shining and the smell of fresh cut grass! I am so excited that Spring has SPRUNG!!

  10. And I have just become a follower! I really think I'm going to like it here. :)

  11. Hi, just found your adorable blog and would feel so blessed to win your giveaway! I love springtime for the sun and rebirth of the earth and all it's beautiful gifts from God! I am following you now. Take care and have a great night. XO Fran.

  12. I've been reading and enjoying your blog but couldn't get the way to comment, so this is good. Hi from Michigan, Kimberly and Blake.

  13. P. S. well, I now follow you, and my favorite thing about spring is that my neighbor cat now comes to my house every day. I don't see him all winter and when he starts showing up at my backdoor, I know it's spring. Happy Easter to all.

  14. How darling!

    My favorite thing about Spring is playing outside with the little ones.

    Have a great day!

  15. I am loving having my windows open...enjoying the fresh air! What a fun giveaway!

  16. This is an adorable giveaway! I can definitely use this as a vase.

  17. I love reading your blog! My favorite thing about spring is being able to dine on a patio...not too hot, not too cold and no mosquitos yet, it's just perfect!

  18. Spring brings my favorite candy to stores... Robin's eggs... MMMM :) Oh and sun, sun & more sun!

    Jenn Cole

  19. My favorite part about spring this year is being able to have the opertunity to see my Isabella enjoy her first spring. You only have one first spring and going to capture that moment...can't wait.

  20. What a darling little piece you found!! My favorite part- it all- robins, flowers poking through the soil, warm rays of sunshine - getting to dig in the dirt....

    bee blessed

  21. Oh this is so so cute...I would love it if you added my name. xoxo
    Love your blog.

  22. My favorite thing about Spring is the nice weather, although, it can get windy in NM! I'm a follower now too.