Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Every Now and Again...

... I am left alone for long periods of time.
All alone.
*Insert Violins*

Last week was one such week. 
Blake was at work every evening until the wee hours of the morning.
Work Hours (Blake): 
Monday 6:00AM-2:00AM
Tuesday 6:00AM-1:30AM
Wednesday 6:00AM-... (Didn't come home. worked straight until the next work day.)
Thursday (Continued from previous day.)...-12:00AM
Friday 6:00AM-7:00PM

On Saturday, Blake was at school. 
School Hours (Blake):
Saturday 7:00AM-4:00PM

*More Violins*

I must say, however, that throughout the time away from each other, I am often surprised at what I can accomplish by myself... All for the sake of having pure, uninterrupted time together when he returns.

Chore List (Kim):
Monday- Planted Flowers 
Tuesday- Washed Exterior Windows on the House
Wednesday- Cleaned Interior of House 
Thursday- Washed Jeep and Swept Out Garage
Friday- Bathed and Groomed Dogs
Saturday- Baked Peach Muffins and Finished Laundry

Today, I am here to celebrate, to be thankful for Sunday.
Sunday = A Completely Uninterrupted Day

Sunday Schedule (Kim and Blake):
Sleep in Late
Patio Lunch at Quaint Cafe'
Flower Shop Browsing
Ice Cream at Favorite Locale
Internet Exploring for Future Travels
Grilled Dinner
Movie in Bed

Notice that our Sunday Schedule did not include any chores, school, or work. 
Blake and I live for these days. 
It's nice to think of it as follows:

We live our lives knowing that the time we get together is far in between, 
but the time we have together is worth every second of waiting.

Introducing my gorgeous violin... A gift from Blake.
Now if I could only learn to play it without the dogs getting all worked up. 

Happy Tuesday!

tuesdays unwrapped at cats


  1. I thought they called that thing a fiddle where you guys are from! Just remember, you are in control of your happiness. Sure life may throw a poop sandwhich your way every once in awhile, and maybe it even seems like a five course meal sometimes, but just keep in mind you always have the power to change your circumstances. Join a club, play a sport, call an old friend or a new one. Also, I think it is healthy to be lonely every now and then so that you are reminded of the things you probably miss the most. Simple things - sound familiar?

  2. Oh you poor thing! Those are some crazy hours he's gone! But good to know your weekends are spent enjoying each other. And that violyn is gorgeous!

    What's your email address? I want to email you the details for the get-together. Can you please email me at spotty_zebra@hotmail.com and I will reply to your email? Thanks, hun!