Monday, May 24, 2010

"I'm Einstein, You're Beer"

Over the weekend Blake and I traveled down to Frisco, Texas to attend not just a Jimmy Buffett concert, but a weekend of tailgating.

Below I have listed some of the highlights of the two full days of sitting in a parking lot, drinking...

Reservations : 
Totally weren't allowed to reserve spots in the parking lots before paying, but we did

Rum Runners : 
Caused passers-by to stop and beg for their cups to be filled with this insanely deceptive alcoholic beverage

Squawkers McCaw : 
Our beloved fake parrot that seemed to be the center of attention at every waking moment

Drive-by/Walk-by Flashings : 
By both males and females alike... None of these people were fun to look at

Coconut Bras : 
Oddly found mostly on men

Golf Carts : 
Is it illegal to drive a golf cart drunk if you are in a parking lot? 
(Not that I did that, but it was definitely prevalent.)

Hotel Room and Breakfast : 
At the end of each day, it was impossible to crawl in bed without showering all of the dirt, spilt beer/coke, sunscreen, smoke off

Sunburns : 
"I think I'll be okay without sunscreen as long as I stay out of the sun." -Me and Mrs. Kathy

 Drink Coozies : 
Seriously, who invented those things? Awesome.

Beaded Necklaces :
 Apparently important enough to do anything for 
(Not me. I'd rather buy them later at the store.)

Blake and I have seen Jimmy Buffett twice in concert... It never gets old.
I'm always amazed by the devotion of his fans.
Seriously, they are all addicts... And it may or may not be a bad thing since Jimmy is pretty awesome.

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